Our Services

Our Services

Soft FM Services

We provide a range of soft FM services to a varying levels of complexity in buildings, from simple to more advanced properties and also cater a wide variety of clientele, including retail, commercial and residential. Our soft FM services include the following;

  • Providing hygiene related services
  • Management of physical premises
  • Help desk related services
  • Waste management services
  • Management of stores and warehouses
  • Housekeeping and cleaning services

Façade cleaning

We ensure that the exterior of the building, which is first visible to visitors, is clean of any dirt or grime and is in a presentable status. We focus on a variety of clientele in the commercial industry. We provide planning, monitoring and maintaining of façades cleaning. Our high-level façade cleaning services include;

  • Full building façade cleaning
  • Façade repairing services
  • Applying protective coatings
  • External building painting services

Waste management

Our adequately planned out waste management systems ensures that the waste removal and recycling process of your premises is adequate. We handle all waste management processes in a cost-effective and environmental-friendly manner. Our waste management services include the following;

  • General waste collection and removal
  • Managing hazardous waste
  • Recycling various materials at premises
  • Disposing of confidential waste
  • Managing waste oil

Grounds/ garden maintenance

Our grounds and garden maintenance team ensures a natural and esthetic landscape for your space, which is long-lasting at the same time. Our wide range of services with regard to grounds and garden maintenance has proven to create great environmental spaces under various conditions and climates. Following are some of the services we provide with regard to grounds and garden maintenance;

  • Garden operations and management
  • Periodic maintenance of grounds and gardens
  • Periodic maintenance of flowers, plants and water features
  • Hard landscaping - footpaths, paving, car parking areas, fencing, gates and entrances etc.
  • Soft landscaping – horticultural tasks and lawns

Cleaning services

We provide high-quality cleaning services to both the interior and exterior of the premises making use of the best techniques. We clean everything from private residences to commercial office complexes which span a large area. Our diversified range of cleaning services which includes janitorial services are as follows;

  • Dusting of windows, floors, carpets and furniture
  • Floor mopping
  • Removal of cob webs on ceilings and walls
  • Cleaning of water tanks
  • Cleaning and maintaining washrooms

Window cleaning

Professional window cleaning offers a thorough cleaning up which removes stains and gives a new and polished look to the windows. This is exactly what we provide through our window cleaning services listed below;

  • Traditional window cleaning
  • High-level window cleaning
  • Internal and external window cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning

Void clearance and clean up

We provide the best void clearance services which ensure your property is back to a usable state by using a variety of industry-competent techniques which guarantee safety and hygiene. Our services related to void clearance and clean up include the following;

  • Eliminating health hazards
  • Removing waste
  • Safe removal of furniture and household items
  • Careful removal of sharps
  • Treating premises with disinfectant and bactericide

School cleaning services

School Cleaning is a challenging task by itself due to the large number of students who are more focused on their lessons that keeping the place clean. This is where we ensure to maintain the required hygiene in an educational environment. Our school cleaning services include the following;General cleaning of classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, library, auditorium, playroom, break room and gymnasium etc.

  • Floor cleaning and maintenance services including stripping, waxing and buffing floors
  • Whiteboard and chalkboard cleaning
  • Dusting, cleaning and mopping of hard-to-reach areas
  • Shampooing and spot treating carpets
  • Cleaning after special events
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of rest rooms

Quality management system

Quality management is the key to customer satisfaction and we follow standards and frameworks to ensure this. Our quality management system features the following;

  • Ensure continuity of operations in the event of emergency or crisis situation
  • Ensure the functionality and operational status of the organization
  • Promote health and safety to ensure the wellbeing of the employees

Home solutions

We provide simple and cost-effective solutions for residential premises to ensure the safety and adequate maintenance of our residential clients. Our home solutions feature the following;

  • Pest control services
  • Maintenance and repairing services for air conditioners
  • Cleaning services
  • Wall painting services
  • Electrical and plumbing services
  • Access control and security solutions
  • Cleaning of water tanks, pool and water features
  • Landscaping and gardening services
  • Housekeeping and cleaning services